Daily Archive: October 3, 2019

The Pillow for Everyone

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Keeping in view the variety of sleepers and their several sleeping styles, claiming to offer a pillow that suits all sleepers with the same comfort level and adaptability looks almost impossible. But Sleepgram Pillow has made it a reality by introducing its Premium 3 in 1 convertible Pillow. This truly splendid pillow has all those features that a sleeper would prefer in his/her pillow.

The Sleepgram Pillow provides you the best option to replace those old, worn out pillows that cause you a disturbed sleep. Moreover, those who are struggling with the neck or shoulder pain will find this incredible pillow as the best remedy to their pains and bad sleep. An improper pillow may also cause migraine. Like the pain I neck or shoulders, it can also ruin your sleep and consequently your day as well. 

This superb pillow has been designed with a purpose accommodate all sleeping styles. It can be configured into variety of firmness and heights to support the neck and head and keep the spine in the right posture. 

Its comfortable downy feel comes from its poly microfiber and polyester lining as well as 100% cotton fabric of the outer cover. Most of the pillows lose their shape and develop clumps within no time. This also disturbs your sleep. You have to flip the pillow after every short while to regain its form. There is no such issue with Sleepgram Pillow. Its poly microfiber filling has an excellent resilience. With this capability, it does not lose its shape for a long period of time.

The SleepgramPillow is made with percale weave cotton fabric. It allows the easy airflow into the pillow.  It is also a superior option than memory foam pillow and pillows filled with feathers. This unique pillow is immensely durable than other pillows. Hence it saves your money … Read the rest