Kansas City Chiefs Training Camp Information and Details

The Kansas City Chiefs of the National Football League or NFL for short prepare for every upcoming football season by having a preseason training camp. This preparation follows the same guidelines and is held over the same time frame as the other 31 teams in the NFL.

The camp consists of practices as well as time spent in team meetings and reviewing footage of plays to better understand schemes and concepts. During the training camp period which lasts approximately three weeks from late July into the middle to second half of the month of August the entire team as well as the coaching staff lives together in an environment that most often consists of taking over a small hotel, motel, or college dormitory area.

For the past twenty years the K.C. Chiefs have held their annual preseason training camp in the small city of River Falls, Wisconsin. Despite the team being based out of Kansas City, Missouri the annual training camp held in the northern part of the United States provided a more secluded environment away from the majority of their fans that are based around northwest Missouri with fewer distractions. From the year 1990 through the 2009 season River Falls, Wisconsin served as a consistent home for the organization to begin formally preparing for the upcoming football seasons that consist of 16 regular season games that often stretch from September through December.

Beginning in 2010 the Kansas City Chiefs are now holding their preseason training camp which consists of practices, team meetings, and film review sessions in St. Joseph, Missouri (St. Joe for short) approximately 50 miles north of where the team plays their home football games at Arrowhead Stadium in the Truman Sports Complex. The format of the training camp typically consists of alternating between having a morning and evening practice one day and then only an afternoon practice the following day. This pattern is repeated for approximately three weeks with a scrimmage and preseason football game worked in over the course of a couple of the weekends.

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The training camp experience serves as a bonding opportunity for the team where new members become acclimated and it also provides a tryout type environment for the coaching staff to experiment with bringing on additional players that may become contributing members to the squad throughout the upcoming season. The preseason practices allow the offensive, defensive, and special teams units an opportunity to install plays and schemed that will be used throughout the season.