Parked Truck Collision Prevention

Every once in awhile, truckers needs to pull off the road, either to check a possible mechanical failure or to take a quick break from the monotony of the long haul. When a truck pulls onto the shoulder, certain safety precautions need to be remembered to reduce serious injuries. In part, these precautions help to reduce accidents known as under-ride accidents, which occur when a car’s front slides under the bottom clearance of a truck. The collision in an under-ride accident does not affect the bumper or engine, instead striking at the windshield and less protected parts of the car’s frame. Read here for more information Car Accident Attorney Philadelphia.

To prevent or reduce the possibility of an under-ride accident, truckers should be especially careful if they need to pull off the road onto the shoulder. Especially on high-speed highways, the likelihood of a fatal under-ride accident is extremely high when a car strikes a parked truck. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has noted that when the difference between speeds in these collisions reaches higher than about 20 miles-per-hour, most injuries prove fatal.

The first step in preventing these accidents is to turn on the vehicle’s hazard lights and place hazard markers on the road. These small, unmistakable triangles provide a reflective neon warning sign for any motorist passing, and increasing awareness. If possible, stopping under a street lamp or other type of light can also increase visibility, reducing the chance of an accident, especially at night.

One of the best ways to address a problem, whether mechanical or from fatigue, is to stop at a rest area. Although some situations do not afford such luxuries, parking on the shoulder or on a ramp adds the possibility of not only being struck while parked, but also being hit by a motorist while trying to get back on to the road.